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Optimal performance

By opting for single use, you benefit every time from a new cutter with remarkable cutting performance thanks to sharpened and sharp diamond cutting edges. This ensures you a reliable and qualitative result each time you use it.

Efficiency & Profitability

Don't waste any more time cleaning, sterilizing, sorting and storing your dental drills. Single-use burs will save you time during sanitary procedures, while allowing you to maintain high efficiency in your dental practice.

Limits premature wear

The reliability and abrasiveness of a new cutter limits the pressure to be exerted on your rotating devices. By opting for single use, you therefore limit the premature wear of your turbine bearings or counter angles, and thus perpetuate your work tools.

Health and Safety

Single-use diamond burs help maintain high hygiene standards in your dental practice. They reduce the risk of infections and cross-contamination and guarantee patient safety in all circumstances.

Limits premature wear

Delivered in individual sterile packaging, which guarantees cleanliness and safety, the single-use strawberries can be used directly

Easy disposal

Once used, single-use diamond burs can be easily disposed of in accordance with local medical waste regulations. You can also return them to us as part of our commitments to reuse used strawberries.

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